Create an online reservation that makes possible to reserve a team/time slot as NFT on blockchain. There are lists of teams on a market where customers can purchase NFTs posted by the Team.

The online reservation is managed by a group of administrators. Admins allow teams/persons to add time NFT to the reservation system. teams/persons can manage their account info and time NFTs. customers can visit teams/persons NFTs and purchase NFTs using cryptocurrency.


Check out User Stories.


required: Node, Yarn and Git

git clone https://github.com/smartcontarct/bundle.bond.git

cd bundle.bond

yarn install


create a mnemonic.txt file with your secret words and put it in the \packages\hardhat

yarn start

This should open up the browser to http://localhost:3000/ which you can interact with the smart contracts through an MVP UI.

to deploy, in a second terminal window:

cd bundle.bond
yarn deploy